Change IP cnMaestro On premise


I need change the static IP in my cnMaestro on-premise, is posssible? This change can break the cnMaestro's database or dont effect anything that job?

@Ricardo Romero 

It should not affect your existing database and other operations. You can use cnMeastro instance console or SSH to the server IP address and navigate to Network > IPv4 > Static > Change the server IP address and other network details. 

Below are the sample screen shots: 


Static IP.JPG

IP change.JPG


Great, but in my devices PMP i will need change the IP in cnMaestro option, its correct?

@Ricardo Romero 

Yes, we need to push that to all the PMP devices. 

Please make use of the template to push the URL to new Server IP address. 

Here is the sample template: 


 "userParameters": {

  "cnMaestroConfig": {

   "cnMaestroUrl": "<new_server_ip_address>",

   "cnMaestroEnable": 1,

   "camID": "",

   "camOnboardKey": ""




Please note that the above template is only valid for PMP.  For other product lines, different template formats are required to update cnMaestro's IP address if it was entered directly into the device.

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@Ricardo Romero 

If you are looking for other device model, please do let me know and I will post them too.