Change password and disable accounts via SNMP


for security reason I would like to change all my Subscriber Modules' passwords using an automatic script I want to run each month.

Unfortunately I can't find a way to programmatically change the password of a SM via SNMP or json config import.

I would also like to disable accounts (home/read-only etc) programmatically. At this time I can only do this via GUI.

Can you help me?
I really need this feature!

Thank you

Hi Giuseppe,

Cambium Networks is aware of that issue and is working on solution.

Meanwhile you can use template saved to .bin file.

Configuration saved in .bin file contains users accounts management options and passwords.

Thank you.


Thank you Fedor!
Is it possible to create a .bin file not from a Cambium device?

Hi Giuseppe,

It is not possible to create it not from Cambium Device.

Accounts credentials are saved to .bin file and are not saved in JSON and it is not possible to set them via SNMP because of security reasons.

Thank you.