Hi all,

I'm Lam.

I'm using CnPilot e410 wifi indoor. And i have my own splash page, so how can i change default template splash page ?.


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Are you using the internal guest portal on the AP? That has limited customizability. You can use the cnMaestro-hosted guest portal which gives you a lot more options. See here for details .

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Hello Travor,

I’d also like to know how can we customize ap’s internal guest portal? Secondly, when will Radius authentication be included in cnmaestro?, in a thread back from September 2017,you guys said it would be available by the end of that year.



The API CLI has options to import background image, logo image and terms and conditions. These import commands as of now not available on AP GUI or through cnMaestro configuration. You will have to ssh/telnet to AP IP and get these images and terms and condition file imported to AP.

(config)# import guest-access  background-image  <tftp/ftp PATH>

(config)# import guest-access  logo-image  <tftp/ftp PATH>

(config)# import guest-access  terms-condition  <tftp/ftp PATH>

Current released cnMaestro on Premises version does support RADIUS proxy feature where all AP RADIUS requests are tunneled to cnMaestro which does RADIUS proxy to external RADIUS server.



Yes I do understand on premises cnmaestro doesn’t have radius auth, I was wondering when will it be implemented? So we can setup radius auth on cnmaestro instead of setting up on every ap, and also that would be helpful to edit/customize splash pages.