Changes to home user account

most of the large carriers allow end users to see very limited data about their modems.   

attached are some screen shots of some areas I'd like to see deleted from the home user account.  I'd like to set these up for customers to use, but i feel it gives them to much information to the point of a risk to our network via curious and mischievous end users.    

removing channel size, frequency, and frequency band information as well as management IP information, removing WAN side ARP table displaces, removing configure page, removing any information that a mischievous teen or young adult could use to harm network operations.       teenagers being killed frequently in their video games are good with google and don't need to let them have any further clue.  

that being said, customers being able to use the through put graph and see some other basic information would be great, and very helpful when someone has a saturated link and can be combined with a selfhelp page we make to allow the more tech savvy solve their own internal network issues.

attached are some edited pages i made for an example.   

Thanks for the suggestion, Chris. 

I like this also.

I like the method from earlier ePMP firmware releases. Connect to the radio and it shows basic connection stats and the throughput graph. I think now that the throughput graph memory issues have been resolved, this could be [optionally] reinstated.