Changing default gateway via cli on ePMP 1000

Sorry , I’m brand new to cambium and using it’s CLI. I simply want to change the default gateway so I can access the GUI as the current gateway is inaccessible. Oh , and maybe a pointer as to a laymans instructions guide to the CLI commands. The downloaded user guide is a bit cryptic. Thanks…

Welcome to the Cambium Community :slight_smile:

Which product are you looking for help with? There are some differences in the CLIs between the different product families.

It’s all good , I figured it out a bit after I posted… but thank you , oh , it was a epmp 1000.

Ah, great, glad to hear it. Would you be able to quickly write down what you did, to help anyone else who might come looking?

In reading through the downloaded user guide I took each instruction command as it was presented , it never occurred to me to prefix any of those commands with config . I thought they were each independent commands.
In my case I wanted to change the default gateway because the radio signal was not strong enough to access the GUI from the existing gateway via wlan. I had another path to the epmp 1000 that I could at least ssh into it. Then I could change the gateway and access the device via the back path to the lan port. It might be worth noting that the GUI is inaccessible by any other path than from the designated gateway. So in changing the default gateway I could again access the GUI. I did “config show dump” , that will list all the configuration parameters. I then looked for a line defining the default gateway address, networkLanGatewayIP “”. Then I did "config set networkLanGatewayIP “” ", the alternate gateway IP. Then “config save” , then “config apply”. That changed the default gateway , again making it possible to use the GUI.
Hope this may help others in acclimating themselves to the CLI.

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