Changing latitude of the AP 450m

I am difficulty in correcting value for Latitude for an AP. I am using CnMaestro to do it, but even after putting the correct value and hitting Apply Configuration, the previous value shows up.

Any other way I can do this?

Are you using cnMaestro on premise and if so what version?

Thanks Eric
I am using the cloud version

When you press the apply button, does a green “Success” box appear at the top of the screen?

it confirms, but it then goes back to the previous value.

Remove the “+” and any spaces before the number.

Hi Eric
thanks a lot for your help
something seems to be an issue, i am struggling

I have 4 access points, somewhere onboarding them i may have input wrong values

Should I delete it and onboard just this device?

Hi @sonimanish0604, Before deleting and re-onboardig can you try once with “set the device location using a map” and try to enter the address in search column


Hi @raghavendra
Thanks very much for your help, I tried the using the map as well. I then went ahead and ‘deleted’ the AP, and used Serial number to onboard the device. At this point, I was prompted to enter the location again, which i did, but it went back to the previous address.

I logged into the AP and tried using the config file, downloaded the file, edited the file with the correct location and uploaded, but the upload failed with multiple reasons.

Appreciate your help
Thanks and regards

Hi @sonimanish0604 ,

Can you please check you inbox and invite me to your cloud account to debug the issue.


Hi Raghvendra, Hi Eric
I got this resolved with help from Cambium Support, Srimani and Subham

What I learnt was starting from the CBRS tab to add the AP, which registers the MAC and MSN with SAS.
in summary step 1:
delete the AP from Onboarding tab if it was onboarded previously.
step 2: go to CBRS tab and add the AP with MAC and MSN and put the location details

step 3: This also onboards the AP in the Onboarding tab which i should “Approve”.
Followed by, going back to CBRS tab and performing “Sync Config”

I checked the onboarding tab and also the AP, they show the ‘correct’ location details

My issue is resolved but some work may be required on CnMaestro to facilitate location details update when this ticket was opened.