changing vertical polarization to horizontal

does anyone give me a suggestions/solutions about changing vertical polarization to horizontal for PTP 100 series BH’s? is that possible? if possible, then how?

are there any product line that supports h-pol and V-pol both?

You should be able to use either a Last Mile Gear rotopol or a Beehive stinger in the polarity you desire.

Last Mile Gear:

Wireless Beehive:

I’ve used both and the work fine.

Not for backhauls, but for SMs.

The rot-o-pols aren’t the best for cold snow weather though as they’ll collect snow pretty easy.

You could have your backhauls converted to connectorzied or purchase new PTP100 connectorized backhauls from LMG and use a single polarity dish/grid antenna.

That would be cost prohibitive in most cases.

If you want to go the external antenna route, purchase a pair of wireless beehive test adapters. The net loss is 2db and your average “good” connectorization is roughly .5-1db loss over normal. The plus side to using the test adapter is it is a non-permanent modification and buying spares is MUCH easier.

if i rotate the Motorola 27RD reflector in 90 degree, will i get horizontal polarization?
still device is 2.4/5.7 G Hz 100 series BH’s, range is 44km, PTP link.

the link is up now?
try another frec…

Rotating the reflector will not work, you would have to rotate the whole assembly which would no longer be water-tight.

I would recommend Wireless Beehive test adapters - you can get them from Last Mile Gear and use grid antennas.

At the SM couldn’t one just rotate the whole dish/SM 90 deg and then silicon up the entry holes on the SM? Or perhaps someone has hit on a better solution for horizontal.

This would keep the inventory the same when using Vert and Hor in the same system.