Check out the newest features available in the February 2022 release of XMS-Cloud

The February 2022 release of XMS-Cloud is now available.

This new release includes new trial AP license subscriptions, an SSID Usage analytics report, CSV file format output for reports, a new Technician User account, and additional cnMatrix switch status information.


Change to device behavior when using EasyPass Google Login Portals

Google no longer allows devices to sign-in using device popup windows. When using the Google Login portal, after selecting the Google portal SSID, end-users will need to open an internet browser to reach the EasyPass login page and complete the Google sign-in process.

Trial AP license subscriptions

For customers who are evaluating Cambium access points, XMS-Cloud now offers two-month AP trial licenses without the need to obtain them from our Licensing or Support teams. Convert the trial license to a permanent license by purchasing and applying the appropriate subscription, otherwise the AP license slot will expire after two months. To add a Trial Access Point to your account, go to My Network à Access Points à Add/Remove à ADD Trial AP. Enter the AP serial number and click ADD TO ACCOUNT.

SSID Usage analytics report

XMS-Cloud now offers an Analytics Report showing SSID Usage over a configurable period of time. You can filter the report by AP Groups and set a date range. The report includes number of clients, client sessions, time, and amount of data used. To create the SSID Usage Report, go to REPORTS à Analytics à Choose Visualization à SSID Usage. Set a date range and click ADD. When the report is ready, click the Email Report button to send the report out via email.

Report output in CSV file format

When creating reports, in addition to PDF format, you now have the option of creating output in a .csv zip file to be emailed. The information in the .csv file can easily be imported into other third-party systems for further analysis. To create reports CSV file format, open a Report, click Email Report, and select Yes for CSV Zip File.

Technician user account with extended Read-Only permissions

You can create a new Technician XMS-Cloud User account with customized permissions. The Technician account will have Read-Only permissions plus the additional permissions you assign to it. The additional permissions include the ability to reboot devices, manage client device access to the network, EasyPass Vouchers, UPSKs, and device Notes. To create and configure a Technician user account, go to your Profile icon à Settings à User Accounts. Click Add User and click the drop down for the user privileges and select Technician. Configure the permissions appropriately and click SAVE. Another use for the Technician account is to restrict Read-Only access to the network based on Network Profiles, Groups, or EasyPass portals.

Switch management information display and trials

Switch information is now displayed by default in XMS-Cloud, even if no switches are currently being managed. Switch information and status is displayed on the Switch tab on the My Network page, Profile Summary page, and on the Map geo marker. In addition, a 2 month temporary license is available for one switch by default for new XMS-Cloud tenants.

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