Check out your Badges

We now have badges for:

  • Customers who present our products at an event, trade show, or webinar
  • Customers who have completed Technical Certification training
  • Kudos received
  • New threads started
  • Replies to posts
  • Accepted Solutions posted

These badges are publicly displayed on each user’s Profile Page (click on your user name in the upper right hand corner and select “Profile”). You can see all of the badges that any user has received. You can also see how many members have earned each badge in anyone’s profile.

Of course, there are some folks who will want to “collect them all”. The badges get more difficult to earn as the thresholds get higher.

All badge counts are retroactive to the start of the Community, so some folks have a great collection already. Take a few minutes and check our your badges. You are only a few posts away from the next one.

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Check out your badges. You will see how many of each badge have been issued by clicking on the individual badge.

I think Eric Ozrelic is leading at the moment with 22 badges! 

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I have completed the PMP 450 certified training but have no badge for it.

HI Nathan, 

I have added your badge. I have the list of all who have completed Technical Certification Training and will be issuing those this week.


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Thanks, Ray.

BTW: Will these badges eventually show up on our posts in the community forums along side our profile avatar?  I think it would be helpful to know those who are certified as it adds to their credibility on the posts.  Just wondering.  I love the Community Forum! 

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Hi Ray.

I have completed the Certification Training 1 years ago (PMP 450 certification) in Italy. Can you enable the Certification badge to me too? :D


Hello Fabio. I have awarded your badge.


Thank you Ray!!!

Hi Ray,

This concept of Badges is fantastic :-)

I conduct trainings in APAC and have done various presentations on our products.

Hoping to get my Presenter badge.


Mohit Kalra

You have the badge now.


Can i have badges too?

I've done PMP450, PTP450, PTP650/670, ePMP, cnPilot & PTP820 trainings ^_^


Hi Daniel,

It looks like you have the certification badge which shows you have a certification (or in your case multiple certifications).

Let us know if you have any questions!  Have a great day!

Amanda Kowalik 



I would like to receive the WISP badge. I searched around for some documentation on how to acquire but was unsuccessful. Can you assist with this process?

Thank you kindly. 



Hi - I have awarded you the WISP badge.



Thank you kindly!


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Can i have badges too, i working for WISP and done ePMP, cnPilot and cnMaestro Training.

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The badges for the courses and certifications you asked about are in Cambium Learning. The badges here on the community would be for number of posts, likes recieved and solutions accepted. Check out Cambium NEtworks Connecting U Freshman Year course. there are 4 badges you can earn in that course alone. 

Bradley Schubert 

Multimedia Instructional Designer 

Cambium Networks