Checking cnMatrix Switch to cnMaestro Connectivity

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cnMatrix by default communicates to which is designed to be completely Zero Touch operation and does not require any manual intervention. However, if the user has changed the URL or any unexpected behavior like device lost connection to cloud account or if you want to verify if it is configured properly or if he wants to better understand what’s going on.

Please follow the below suggestions provided: 


  • Upgrade the switch to latest version found at
  • Make sure the DNS settings are properly set through the device CLI
    • For static DNS IP assignment :
      • cnMatrix#show ip dns name-server
        • Will display the DNS servers entered on the device
  • For DHCP based DNS IP assignment :
    • cnMatrix#show ip interface vlan <vlan_ID>
      • Above command on mgmt vlan will display the name-server (DNS) details.
  • Make sure internet connectivity is established
    • Show ip interface
      • Will display IP address assigned for internet connectivity
  • In the device CLI perform ping test to “” in order to make sure the DNS and Connectivity works fine.
    • cnMatrix#ping



Sometimes a ping may be blocked by AWS for the cloud servers. If so, try to ping to or any other public web site. If this works then the DNS and Internet connectivity is established.

Below are some of the commands that we can use:

  • Show cnmaestro
    • Helps us to check the cloud or on-premises account details
  • Show system information
    • Helps us to check the current software on the switch

If the device does not get on-boarded after checking the connectivity. Please collect the below log including the device configuration and send it to the support team for debugging.

Please log a case from the below URL

Debugging commands:

Enable debug on the switch before we collect the log:

  • EX2028P-cambium# debug cnmaestro all

Toggle cnMaestro configuration:

  • EX2028P-cambium# config terminal
  • EX2028P-cambium (config)# no cnmaestro
  • EX2028P-cambium (config)# cnmaestro
  • EX2028P-cambium (config)# end

Disable the debug after 5-10 minutes:

  • EX2028P-cambium# no debug cnmaestro

To collect the debug log, run the below output:

  • EX2028P-cambium# show cnmaestro log

Sample Logs:

2019-08-23 14:25:29 1171 device-agent/src/device-agent.c:2300:Attempting (re)connection in 5 seconds

2019-08-23 14:25:44 1171 device-agent/src/utils.c:84:getaddrinfo failed with error_code=-2

2019-08-23 14:25:44 1171 device-agent/src/utils.c:130:Not able to resolve cnmaestro.

2019-08-23 14:25:44 1171 device-agent/src/https-client.c:202:Not able to resolve cnmaestro.

2019-08-23 14:25:44 1171 device-agent/src/https-client.c:562:OpenConnection to cnmaestro.:443 failed

Additional Information:

  • How to set static DNS IP address to the switch?
    • EX2028P-cambium(config)#ip name-server ipv4 <DNS_IP address>
  • How to set the default route for the switch?
    • EX2028P-cambium(config)#ip route <nexthop ip>
  • How to set static cloud or on-premises details?
    • EX2028P-cambium(config)#cnmaestro url <Static cnmaestro URL>
    • EX2028P-cambium(config)# cnmaestro validate-cert

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