Checking PTP 650/670/700 Device to cnMaestro Cloud Connectivity


                This article is part of a series of topics about cnMaestro on-boarding and troubleshooting. Please see Device On-boarding for a listing of all parts in this series.

This article illustrates how to check the connectivity between PTP devices & cnMeastro Cloud server and also talks about how to configure cnMaestro. By default, cnMaestro is disabled and we need to manually enable it and configure other parameters.


If the user has changed the Cambium ID/Onboarding Key or any unexpected behavior like device lost connection to cloud account or unable to on-board, please follow the below steps.

  • Please make sure we meet the minimum supported version on each device before trying to on-board.


  • To enable cnMaestro on PTP radios, navigate to the Installation tab and complete the Management Configuration as shown below.

  • Navigate to System > Configuration > LAN Configuration >> Enable DNS Resolver and enter valid DNS IP addresses (Primary and Secondary)

            -  The device web UI “Status” page will confirm the DNS resolution status.  


  • Go to Management and set Telnet Access Enabled to Yes. Using Putty or other application, telnet to the device IP address and run the below command to check that DNS resolution and connectivity are working.
    • “ping”, in order to make sure the DNS and Connectivity works fine.

  • Sometimes a ping may be blocked by AWS for the cloud servers. If so, please try to ping or or any other public IP addresses. If this works then IP internet connectivity is established.
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