chMaestro Behind Firewall

I'm currently in the process of setting up cnMaestro in a VM running on an Ubuntu system.  Now I'm in the process of setting up the iptables for the Ubuntu host.  What ports do I need to allow for this to work?  We are wanting to be able to monitor leased routers from our office and push out updates on a schedule.  I saw on other posts that people keep saying you only need to allow 80 and 443 outbound, but I wanted to see if anyone else knew for sure.

That is correct.  Outbound 443 is required for monitoring and updating devices.  80 is used during software update for older device firmware versions. 

However, depending on which features you will be using there are other ports that are required.  Taken from the user guide on the support site:

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Thank you.  That'll teach me to stop reading at the Appendixes.