Cisco and SM MAC filtering

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to block SM by MAC Address on a router or switch ?
With NAT turned off?

ex: access-list 700 deny abcd.e1e2.f9a5

Will this work ?
If not, What solution could I use to filter my SM connection without authentification? BAM is not a solution for me, nor PPPoE.

Right now i’m using color code… :roll:

Charles Regan
EIM, Iles-de-la-Madeleine

Using an ACL like you mentioned would indeed deny traffic from the MAC address you designate.

If you are using NAT on the SM, then blocking the SM’s MAC would “turn off” clients connected via that SM. If you are not using NAT, then that would not block the clients. You would have to block the MAC addresses of the individual PCs that are connected to the SM.

Some folks disable the ethernet port on the SMs to solve this issue. Discussed here … php?t=1113