Cisco Meraki Vlan Devices

hi, everyone, i am very confused we have Cambium ePMP 200 AP and SMs in our Network 

before we use Cisco 2811 Router and we have 1 WAN ISP Link in interface 0/1, 1 LAN IP on Interface 0/2. and 3 Local Lan IP on Subinterface on Interface 0/2.

Now our all Wireless Devices of Cambium using 10.10.10..0/24 Subnet and are regester in Cambium Clouds working fine ..

no we have issue that now we removed  Cisco Router 2811. changed to Cisco Meraki MX84. 

So in Cisco Meraki we configure everything but in Cambium now our  Devices show offline 

so what is the issue and how to back online our devices in Cambium Networks Thanks

Hi Masood,

Are you using the Cloud or NOC server . Can you please check whether you are able to ping and DNS lookup of or the NOC server from the device.