City Franchise Agreement Right of Way Access

Anyone have a City Franchise Agreement for Right of Way Access they would be willing to share?

Working with a City that is asking me to present something first.


What specific information are they looking for? What is the service or application that you are looking to provide?

Cambium_RayS honestly not a clue, I'm sure liability and what they get but I'm sure their is a boilerplate that has stuff set on discrepancy's and how they are handled etc. Basic guidelines on how to play ball with a each other.

We are working on deploying a mixed fiber / wireless solution threw the town to provide subscription based Internet.

With that being the case we need access to place cabinets and fiber in the right of ways.


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There will certainly be some folks here who have deployed fiber pedestals and have tips to work with a municipatlity.

On the wireless side, once you have the tower locations identified, you may want to share that part of the plan with the municipality. Once your coverage map is developed, you may find that the municipality may have buildings or parks within your coverage map - and they may want those connected or to put in video surveillance. There could be more opportunities for you.


Cambium_RayS those opportunities are in the works ;) I was just not sharing all of the none pulic details yet.