Classic AP as Advantage SM?

I have some classic AP’s which are now basically useless to me. When I change them to SM mode I would have hoped they would be able to work as a Advantage SM due to having more grunt.

I thought I remembered reading this somewhere.

Anyone remember seeing this?

No, Canopy classic (p7 or p8 platform) AP’s cannot be changed into Advantage SM’s.

The Canopy Advantage access point and Canopy Advantage subscriber module needs to be the P9 hardware platform. To find out the hardware platform you can telnet into the radio and type “ver” and the results will show you the hardware platform.

Thanks for the reply Support.

One more question though.

when I change an Advantage AP into an SM it becomes a classic SM also.

The graphics at the top changes back to the Standard Motorola graphic (not the Advantage one) and also the Maximum Aggregate Downlink is limited to <= 7000kbps.

Why would this be? this happens on all our AP’s we have swapped over to SM mode.