Events (connection and disconnection) are blocked for few Wi-Fi clients for 600 second as event rate is very high (51 events in 300 sec).

Next Event

Wi-Fi clients events are unblocked. Events skipped during blocked duration are 17 in 12.119 sec.

I also noticed that this WAP had several SYSTEM_FIRMWARE_RECOVERY

There are 3 other APs at this location… but this one seems to be the only one showing any issues in cnMaestro.

Does this mean it’s not logging?
Not allowing connections?

The problematic WAP at your location seems to be facing stability issues, likely due to firmware problems as indicated by the “SYSTEM_FIRMWARE_RECOVERY” events, leading to a flood of connection events that cnMaestro is throttling. To tackle this, make sure the WAP’s firmware is up-to-date, check for environmental interferences, consider a factory reset if needed, and monitor its performance outside of cnMaestro. If the issue persists, Cambium Networks support should be your go-to for a deeper dive into the problem.

For the event blocked and unblocked messages, only events to cnMaestro are blocked. No impact on clients connectivity or any other functional impact.

Thanks as always Gary