Client Isolation - Network Wide

Referring to “USER GUIDE, cnPilot Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Points, System Release 4.2”, there are 4 options when configuring Client Isolation: 1. Disable, 2. Local, 3. Network Wide, 4. Network Wide Static.

In the case of “3. Network Wide”, which MAC addresses a WiFi client will be able to communicate with and how are these MAC addresses discovered?


In case of Network Wide, Gateway details are learnt by device during DHCP transitions.

Network wide Client isolation works in following way
Clients connected to VLAN-x on same or different AP’s in one network will be isolated from each other. For example :

  1. 4 AP’s are there in the network with 3 WLAN’s (with VLAN-10 , 20 and 30 on each WLAN-1,2,3 respectively)
  2. On WLAN-2 network wide isolation is enabled
  3. 2 clients(C1 & C2) connected to AP-1 and one more client(say C3) connected to AP-2 on WLAN-2
  4. In this case C1 to C2 communication and C1/C2 to C3 communication is isolated

Clients will automatically talk to gateway mac address and also to MAC address added to the list

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