Client Isolation

On my guest network, I've configured client isolation, however WiFi clients on the Guest network can still ping each other, in addition to other items on the wired network. 

Does Guest isolation onl work when they are VLAN'd out.

Yes,Client isolation works only when WLAN profiles are in same VLAN'd.

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I have an e410, on the vlan I have the following ip gw, on the vlan2 where you must connect the guests isolated from the company lan I configured the following ip the dhcp configured
I can not find the way to surf ONLY to interner the vlan2 without seeing my vlan1 and its corporate network.
How can I solve?

You have two different WLANs/VLANs/networks.
For that scenario, to isolate traffic within this two networks, your must use L3 device (router/firewal), not the access point.

I use a mikrotik router, could you help me with the configuration?

You need to add a VLAN interface.


Then make entries in

/ip pool

/ip dhcp-server

/ip dhcp-server network

/ip address

/ip firewall filter

/ip firewall nat

Once that is taken care off... add a VLAN tag to your SSID and make sure that your SWITCHES are VLAN aware.

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thank you, I try and let you know


Did you get this all set?

I am testing one E410 at the moment. Its missing features that I use from Mikrotik and Ruckus on my commercial installs. Someone from engineering actually reached out to me. I submitted an email about what I needed, and how I implement it... but its been crickets since.

try this isolating guest vlan

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