Client list lag


We’re currently trialling Cambium APs (e505 and XV2-2). I’ve installed cnMaestro on-prem (we prefer to stay away from cloud for such things).

One thing I’ve noticed is that client lists can take minutes to update. It displays quickly but the data can be minutes out of date. Is this to be expected? Or is something not working right? I’m used to quicker refresh with other systems.

XV2-2 - firmware 6.3-r10
e505 - firmware 4.2-r15
cnMaestro - v3.0.3-r17

  • SYNC time duration between cnMaestro and AP is 5 min.
  • When new clients connect/disconnect, then you will see immediate update.

I’m not seeing an immediate update in the client list in cnMaestro.

I just now turned WiFi off on a device, instantly I see “WIFI-4-CLIENT-DISCONNECTED Client [c8:1e:e7:be:08:4c] disconnected from WLAN [Cam-PDA] after [26464] secs roamed [NA] txbytes [0] rxbytes [0] avgtx [0] maxtx [0] mintx [0] avgrx [0] maxrx [0] minrx [0]” in the syslog from the AP, but it was another ~90 seconds before the client disappeared from the client list in cnMaestro (I sat there with a stop watching pushing the refresh button).

Turned WiFi back on, same thing. I instantly see the “WIFI-4-CLIENT-CONNECTED Client [c8:1e:e7:be:08:4c] connected to WLAN [Cam-PDA] on radio [2]” in syslog from the AP, but nearly 5 minutes before the client appeared in the client list in cnMaestro.

Does the client connect/disconnect client list update use some other mechanism that isn’t working for some reason?


For immediate effect of client connect/disconnect, cnMaesto and AP communicates in different type message.

Please let me test in house and revert with my observations.