Client session limit cnmaestro

What is the final limit? Didnt know there is any limitation? It this something new because of X version of cnmaestro?

If there is a limit then i nees to split APs/SSID to multiple guest access portals… not like :confounded:

Or configure session duration less then it is now…

Additional, some expired sessions are still listed in client session section on that captive portal

You set individually in the guest portal

Limits are set per SSID

There are those whose users are within AP range but are not logged in, then it shows you a hanging session with the time until the end of 00:00:00. Sometimes, ghost sessions hang without time to end sessions, the ones whose users have recently departed from the device.

I am watching on guest access but dont see any settings for numbers of client sessions, also on ssid part

I believe max client sessions is 1000, cnmaestro x is allowed more than 1000 by officical docs.

I am always arround 600-750, maybe we hit 1000 in some moment in peak of the season

The maximum number of users per ssid is limited to 256, which is actually not many, because, for example, for a network consisting of 10 APs, it is nothing.
You can give more restrictive network usage times and, for example, reduce it to 1 hour. Then you will gain pool faster.
We need to submit a request to increase the limit in the Maximum Clients field.

I found such an explanation on the forum, then it makes sense :slight_smile:

Confirmation by Cambium is that the limit of 1000 client sessions is for the cloud controller (the limit is not according to Guest Access but at the level of cnmaestro controller).

We hit that limit (8000 unique clients per day) because expired session was not deleted when session time reached 00:00, it stays in client session (they are deleted at some point because that limit in our case will be reached every day.
Sessions duration are now set to 2h and with that at the end of the day we had 776 client session and 500 of them was expired and not deleted…

Cambium; please advice for the next steps (cnmaestro X is not an option because client session limit would not be exceeded if controller would erase expired connection as expected.

Hi ,

Please configure renewal frequency time too also less as per the need. Post 2 hours of session time expiry the delete only happens when renewal frequency also is hit. For example if session time is 2 hours and renewal frequency is 4 hours , then the session will be deleted after 4 hours from the time of login.


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Session duration 5min, renewal policy 6 min… after 5 min client is disconnected, and for a 1 min is an"error" free ssession expired, that is ok, but if he dont try to connect after 5 min and renewal policy expired, session is still hanging… I tried that on new fresh cnmaestro cloud with 1 ap and 1 client.

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Any update for this bug?

Update, client session now are not deleted at all, 1000 sessions , all expired and staying… nobody can connect to wifi (all damn city). Cambium doesnt realize this as a problem and ignore it but I have city and tourist which are without service and city is calling me… and I cant do anything except deleting that aessions manuall, during this summer.

I repeat normal number of client session is 150-400 during the season, limit cannot be reached if maestro is doing properly!

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Currently 159 client sessions of which 12 have expired and are still among the active but with expired time.

This started to appear during the summer season when we have over 9000 unique users in 24 hours.

3 days ago, it happened for the first time that all sessions expired without even the autumn being deleted (approximately 900 sessions).

If you have worked on this problem, we will monitor the situation in the next few days and give you feedback.

It is not a problem if a certain percentage of sessions remain undeleted for some time, but if everything stays hanging, then within a couple of hours or less we reach 900 sessions and everything stops (impossibility of connecting new clients).

Supposedly on your part it is necessary to delete the cash on the controller in order to remove the problem?

Now, after two weeks of monitoring (Cambium made a fix on August 16) it seems that now controller is working as it should, the sessions are deleted in the part of the client session few seconds after they expired.