Clients connect to SSID but have no internet Access

I have 8 AP’s in my building model cn410 on firmware version but 2 of the AP keeps on giving me problems, and it looks like when number of clients go over 21 then clients connect successfully but with no internet.

when the move around the building to different location with different AP then they can connect again, is there maybe a best practice document that I can follow to see if I’ve set it up correctly?

Hello Charl,

first of all, I suppose that the access points are all connected to the same source of DHCP (A router for example).

  1. If so, would you share with us how you set up the DHCP and your LAN setup if there are switches in your LAN?
  2. One more, when you say 21 devices connected, do you mean on all 8 APs, or 21 devices on one AP?
  3. Which router do you use on your setup?

The best way to around this is to have a specific VLAN traffic to each AP with its dedicated DHCP IP subnet, when you plan to have many devices beyond 30-40 on each AP. Then, you can NAT the different subnets to internet.

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Niragira Olympe

We also experiencing this “no internet” issue with software version, our APs is cnPilot E600.

Obtain IP Address (from DHCP Pool of cnPIlot AP)- yes
Ping Gateway - yes
Ping Google, Youtube, - yes
Opening Browser - No Internet

Hope you can also help me with this;

Thank you.

Could you please check if your client device has learnt DNS servers. If yes, ping to DNS servers and share your observations.


We are only using Public DNS (google); which is and, yes this is reachable thru pinging. Yet in browser there is no internet.

thank you.

Can you please share your TechSupport to

Hi ypa001,

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You mean the tech-support file that can be downloaded in cnMaestro?


Hi, Are you able to reach the DNS server from the client or the AP? Please confirm this.

thru Ping yes… from the client side (Laptop)…

From the same laptop are you able to browse ? If you are able to ping Google, YouTube and from laptop, then browsing should happen.


We are also having almost a similar problem but with the e410 APs. We have 2 APs in a building connected from a cnPilot r190W through LAN.

The deployment is for a student accommodation using blackboard learning portal. Others can connect to blackboard with no hustle, whereas, some can connect but with no internet access or it buffers throughout lessons. Once off blackboard they can browse the internet with no problems. What could i be missing. Kindly assist…

Latest software is released for cnPilot series 4.2-r15 , can you please upgrade your AP’s to this build and share us your observations this build should the issue

Even in 4.2-r15 if you are still facing this issue then please share us the techsupport file of the AP, when the AP is in issue state.

You can download the techsupport from following location

  1. Login to AP → Navigate to Operations
  2. Download Techsupport