Clients Login Event Logging


does anyone knows where the Clients Login Event Loggin is saved by cnMaestro and which type of information is logged?

Thanks a lot


Hi Piero,

Wi-Fi Connect and Disconnect events are logged in the Manage -> Notification -> Events section.  Client MAC and WLAN are logged.

Can I send somehow these events to a syslog server?

Thank you!

Hi Istvan – forwarding Events to a Syslog Server is supported in cnMaestro On-Premises. You can find more information in the User Guide.

Hi Rob,
So I can do it only with On-Premise cnMaestro? There isn’t any way to do it with cloud version?

Thank you!

Hi Istvan – currently it is only supported on-premises. For Cloud, with cnMaestro X, you can pull Events synchronously using the API. In the future we are considering sending asynchronous events through Webhooks in both cloud and on-premises. However, we don’t expect to support system log in the cloud.