Clients randomly dropping/not working

This is for a new installation, first time using the Cnpilot.

I have a ePMP 3000 AP feeding multiple sites in a RVpark (site 1)– each site has a ePMP 300-16 connected wirelessly to the 3000, then connected to a Cnpilot wifi unit(approx. 5 sites connected). These are all in bridge mode.

A router(mikrotik) at site 1 that gives out DHCP addresses to clients behind the Cnpilots.

This works sometimes as I’m running into a weird issue – When moving across the network from behind the Cnpilots I’m not able to keep service. Yesterday sitting under one access point with 6 different devices 3 were able to connect and happily stream. The other 3 would connect, but could only ping the access point, and not the router (even though they pulled a dhcp address, or at least had one still in their devices). This seemed to be random, and randomly some devices would no longer work while others would start working. When moving the non-working devices to another area with a different AP they would sometimes start working.

Spectrum all looks clean, when devices connect they generally good full connection speed to the Cnpilots, just no connectivity at all past that point.

I've changed just about every setting I can think of, any help to a resolution would be great.

Edit - Using cnPilot e502/e500/e600 - all firmware is latest at 3.10.3-r3

Do you have any APs at site 1 too? Do you face similar issues there?

Have you checked connection/link quality between ePMP 3000 and ePMP 300s? If not, you may want to verify that becasue this is the only link sitting between your APs and the router. You may want to verify their firmware version too.

Btw, 3.11-r9 is the latest release for cnPilot APs. HTH..

I thought I had used the latest provided by cnmaestro, I’ll check that tomorrow.
There are APs at site one, I have not checked that site specifically to insure connection. I would assume the APs/cpes would be functioning fine since other devices connected at the same exact time will work. Everytime I’ve looked the cpes are connected at MCS 9/9, but I’ll check again.
One device that was having intermittent issues would connect/disconnect every few seconds. When it does this I can see the router offer the IP address, get assigned and once it gets assigned the client immediately disconnects and starts over again.

Might also be worth checking the Events within cnMaestro (to go the networks - notifications - events) while it doesn’t show everything it’s often helped me locate the source of issues.

So it seems the issue was with moving from one Cnpilot to another. When a client attached to a Cnpilot at site 5, they couldn't get internet at any other site unless the access point was rebooted. I assume the access points arp table still assumed they were at site 5, and would not allow them access at different sites. If you reboot the ap you could connect the devices at any site, but then they wouldn't connect to others until the Acess point was rebooted again.

If you are still facing this issue, can you pl provide a details on your topology? How the cnPilots are connected to the 300-16s? Are they connected directly back-to-back OR you have a switch in between?

When you said you had to reboot the cnPilot, which one are you rebooting? Previously connected cnPilot or the cnPilot user going to connect?