Clip for ePMP

I'm interested in the concept of a clip antenna for the ePMP Integrated unit.  Something to give those couple extra DB in the nLOS scenario, but without the hassle of sealing all the connectors.

Yes and yes. A simple upgrade for those integrated units. We have used the connectorized units with panel antennas and the force 100, don't get me started on that guy. We will try the Force 110 as soon as we install all of these Force 100 units. Bring back the CLIP!

I know this is a bit older post, but the only thing I intend on deploying si the Force line. Well, I deployed my first few as connectorized radios in panel enclosures, but Force 100/110/etc. all the way!

force 110 is great but the force 100 was aweful. i would like a clip/lens still

The new ePMP Force 180 provides 3 dB more gain in a small form factor. Where more gain is needed, the Force 110 can be used. Both are easy to install.