CMM Capabilities and routing

I am designing a 5.7 Canopy trial system consisting of two tower sites with 360 degree 5.7 AP clusters on each tower with redundant backhaul links. Our Office sits between the two towers. I want to build a wireless ring from our Office to each tower with the secondary backhaul between the two towers.

My question is with 6 APs and 2 BHs all ports on the CMM micro will be used. I want to connect the CMM Micro to a Cisco 3550 L3 switch at each location so that I can reroute across the two wireless backhaul links. This configuration would require two CMM Micros. We could use the CMM2 but that would require twice as many CAT5e runs up the tower and I have been told that if we introduce VLANs, we have to run an extra Ethernet connection from the 3550 to the CMM for management because the CMM cannot see its own IP address when VLANed. This would require two CMM2s.

What does anyone recommend? Two CMM micros with the six APs on one and the two backhaul links on the other. One CMM Micro for the APs and one CMM2 for the backhaul modules. This way we could plug the BH modules into their own routed port on the 3550 and prevent one giant broadcast domain across the entire network. This would allow the APs, and each BH to have their own broadcast domain. Or is there a way to use one CMM2 and have the APs and BHs on separate broadcast domains and have full routing control across the primary and secondary backhaul links?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I think this will solve your timing issues:

1) At both towers connect your six Access Points to the CMM.

2) At both towers connect your router to the CMM.

3) At tower A, connect the BH linking directly to tower B to the CMM and set it as a BH master (sync via power port). Connect the second BH to the router as a timing slave.

4) At tower B, connect both BH units to the router and tie them together via the timing ports (sync via timing port) – configure your second BH (to the office) as a master (sync via timing port).

5) At the office, connect the BH units to your router tie them together via the timing ports (sync via timing port) and connect back to the timing slave on tower A.


Thanks for the suggestion, I will try it