CMM firmware issues

I 've been having issues to upgade firmware to 3.1, current firmware is  2.2. CNUT seems to be running the firmware upgrade and show the progress bar, till it reaches 100% but it doesn't do anything. Can somebody tell me what am I missing? 

Hi Kdrama,

Are you using CMM3? If Yes, please follow the below procedure to upgrade the CMM.

1. Connected the CMM3 directly to Laptop.

2. Configure the appropriate IP to Laptop. So that the laptop can ping and access the CMM.

3.  Access CMM GUI and set the "Full access password" e.g. 123456, for the hidden user account "root".

4. Save and rebooted the CMM3.

5. Open CNUT >>>Discover the CMM using following credentials.

a.  Uncheck "use default/inherit settings from parent elements.

b.  login-id: root, password- 123456, SNMP Community string- canopy, snmp ver-v2c.

NOTE: SNMP Read/Write Sting should be same as in CMM.

c. Type in the IP address of the CMM in Discovery Target box and click OK.

6. Now, upgrade the CMM to 3.1 version. This will successfully resolve your issue.

Please let me know the  result once, you are done.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi.

No I am using a CMM Micro....

I have a CMM Micro and have CNUT 4.6.9 running on my pc First thing I do is  to add the network element, enter password  and IP address to be discovered. It does discover my CMM , I select package to be upgraded and progress bar stars with 25% then 50% and 100% supposedly it was completed. I refresh network element, but old firmware remains

Hi Kdrama,

CMMmicro is CMM3. I understand what you are doing. So, please follow the  steps which I have provided already in my previous post and let me know the result to proceed further.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi.

I followed the steps but I kept on getting an error (02/24/16 14:15:19 INFO   Host:;ESN: 0A003EE001AF;Message: Programming Error: Cannot connect to device. (SITE= Cambium La Joya AP's ) I can't understand why it couldn't communicate if my pings are replying 

Please contact our support team and create ticket. So that we can help you via remote session.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

I just did, thanks though for your help