CMM, GPS and Xetawave (cnReach or other radios)

I installed a Xetawave radio at a site that already had PMP radios with GPS Sync from a CMM. I was able to pass the sync from the CMM to the Xetawave radio, saving another GPS antenna installation.

This is a great way to use one GPS source to provide the timing pulse to multiple radios.

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This is a excellent application to leverage your existing GPS infrastruture.  cnReach radios can use the output of either a uGPS or CMM4 from Cambium to synchronize the network.

cnReach AP's can be synchronized to minimize self-interference in a similar way to our other broadband radios. In licensed band applications you can synchronize the transmit/receive cycles.  In unlicensed 900 MHz you can synchronize transmit/receive cycles AND offset the hopping pattern.




Hi Can you share any photos or diagrams of your installation and connection to GPS?

What equipment are you connecting to what network via Xetawave?

Attached is a picture of the Xetawave Radio pinout as labeled on my radio.  The CMM pinout is listed below.

Pins 1 & 6 (in bold) are the 1Hz Pulse Per Second (PPS) output from the CMM.  Tie the CMM out ground to the Xetwave (cnReach) ground pin (pin 4), and tie the CMM PPS out to the XW (cnReach) PPS input (pin 2).

The XW (cnReach) require a bit of configuration, as will most radios that allow for GPS sourced timing.

Pictured are two radios mounted on separate 19" rack panels leaning against each other.  The power supplies and bandpass filters are all mounted on the rack panel.

CMM Pinout 

Pin          Function

1                 PPS out

2                 PPS in

3                 NA

4                 NA

5                 PPS in ground

6                 PPS out ground