CMM Master Slave Configuration

I have a site that WILL NOT receive sync using the built-in GPS sync. I lew of that, I have a site that is 8 miles away with a clear line of site to it. I installed a pair of 5.2 moto backhauls between the location and connected the timing ports from each of the backhauls to the timing port on the CMM-Micros. I set the one CMM-Micro having the problem to a slave, and the opposite end to a master, (default). I set the backhaul radio on the good end to receive sync from timing port, and the opposite end to a timing slave. Now the CMM-Micro on the bad end says SYNC OK, yet approx 35 of the SM’s will not connect.

Has anyone daisy chained sites together in this fashion using the moto backhauls with success???

signed, HELP!!!

The Slave master settings are for future use, I dont think they are operational that way yet.

Unless this has been changed

Now the CMM-Micro on the bad end says SYNC OK, yet approx 35 of the SM's will not connect.

Is that all the SM's or just a few.
If that is all the SM's, then check if the AP connected to the CMM-Micro says it is sync'd. If not then to receive timing from another site you will actually need to connect the timing ports of the slave BH and the AP(s).

If the AP says there is sync, then call Motorola, because I believe that no one has tried to hook up 2 CMM's in that way, because Moto says it is for future use as cbotts has said.

thats interesting setup… as moose said… do the AP’s say receiving sync