CMM Micro 2.1.1 auto reboots upon login

Just installed a CMM Micro. Connected to the powered ports are 6 900 MHz AP’s and one BH. Connected to the non-powered port is a FastEth switch back to our NOC. The CMM Micro has the latest 2.1.1 software.

My problem is this:

Each time I access the CMM Micro from my management workstation via the Web interface, upon user authentication the unit automatically reboots. Here’s a snip from the Event Log.

01:05:40pm : Fri Aug 19 2005 : File httpd.c : Line 3203 Reboot from Webpage.
01:05:40pm : Fri Aug 19 2005 : File syslog.c : Line 785 System Reset Exception – External Hard Reset WatchDog 01:05:40pm : Fri Aug 19 2005 : File …/cmm/root.c : Line 68 CANOPY CMM 2.1.1 Aug 12 2004 10:54:59 01:05:55pm : Fri Aug 19 2005 : File gps.c : Line 435 GPS Date/Time Set 01:06:13pm : Fri Aug 19 2005 : File gps.c : Line 676 GPS SYNC Pulse Detected

Once the unit reboots, as long as I keep the window open, it remains active and I can monitor status, configure, and all that. This only happens upon first establishing the management interface, but it happens each and every time. The management workstation is Win2K Pro with IE6.

I have read the announcement by Motorola regarding the known issue of losing management connectivity with the CMM Micros, but this may be a different issue.

Could anyone shed some light on this?