Cmm micro access on Browsers

I’m having trouble accessing CMM Micro 3.0 management via browser on Windows 7 32 bit.
I was using a pc running windows xp and every thing was fine. Now on a new pc running windows 7, the management home page don’t work. Only the left menu apeears. Firewall is disabled, as it was on my previous pc.
Any tips?


Hmm never had any problems here, all recent versions/bit-ness of Windows, IE 9, Firefox 4 through whatever we’re at now, and last few versions of Chrome. Which browser are you testing with?

Also, CMM Micro software 3.0 has a pretty big flaw in it where the units will return to default settings if they are rebooted. 3.1 is the recommended version to run.

sorry i posted the wrong version before, the cmm was on version 2.2, but now i upgraded to version 3.1 and everything is working fine. I think it was some kind of a vlan problem (i’ve many NDIS on my machine), because I installed a xp virtual machine and didn’t work either. after cmm upgrade to v3.1, it worked on windows 7. thanx