CMM Micro GPS issue (0 visible 7 tracked?)

I currently have a few different CMM3's that are having GPS issues. They are showing 0 visible satellites but are tracking between 4-7 and taking up to 5 minutes to find all 7. If I pull the GPS module off of my shops CMM3 and put it in any of the other CMM's they show the proper amount of satellites visable and will track them within a minute. I ordered replacement GPS modules and none of them will even track in any of the boards.

What would cause a board to show 0 visible but still track the proper amount?

What firmware is your cmm micro running?
If my memory is serving me correctly, when the cmm micro came out, they had some firmware issue related to gps and some gps card not working right. Make sure you have both the cmm micro and the gps firwares fully up to date.