CMM New software release & TX problems

Hi all,

I have a CMM with the 2.2 software release and I am having some problems with it.
The port that has the conection to our NOC keeps blocking himself and looses conectivity with the internet feed.
In order to bring it back to life, we have to acces the CMM via a SM, and reboot it from there.
This keeps happening once a day at about the same time every day; we haven’t been able to pin point the exact reason this happens but we are seeing a lot of collisions an RX & TX in the MIB Port sectin of the CMM software.

In this section you have 9 ports, but the CMM has only 8 phisical ports. Does anyone knows which phisical port is labled as?

The CMM is conected to a switch at our main NOC, the switch works fine, but the CMM will only talk to our switch if it is set at auto negotiation or 100FD.

Any thoughts on this matter will be vvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy much appreciated.

You are seeing lots of collisions on the connection between the CMM and the switch:

What happens if you connect the CMM to a different port on your switch?

Can you force the CMM and the associated switch port to 10 – half duplex?

Have you tested and verified the cable between the CMM and switch?

change port, change cable, any CRC errors.

what switch inside the NOC.

The fact that it happens at the same time everyday suggests it could be something else… is it happening on a 24 hour cycle.

Can you reboot the CMM about 1-2 hours before you expect it to happen and see if it still happens at the same time or it starts happening on a new cylce.


we see something similar…

we have a CMM Micro and it basically won’t allow us to view the HTML management from abroad. locally it works fine, but not through the net. managment is a pain in the A*@… but there is apparently nothing we can do. it is running 2.2 and even when it had 2.13 it was still the same.


I think the post prior to this one might be an unrelated problem. Assuming the initial posting has something to do with the CMM firmware, did you notice that you have to go in and manually tell the CMM which port will be your ‘uplink’ port?

When we did our upgrade we started to get all kinds of weirdness (read collisions) as we did not appreciate the new CMM firmware required additional configuration (i.e.; you can’t just upgrade the firmware and expect it to work as it had been working in the past).

If I configure the uplink port, some cust. loos the ability to see their remote offices.
I have a cust that has 5 offices arround town and they use our internet service to conect them. When we configure the uplink port, he can[t have traffic between his offices.