CMM Question...

Hi All,

I’ve got a site on the mountain that has a mixture of APs and BHs for a total of 7. I need to add two more BHs but there’s one less port on the CMM than I need.

Any suggestions? ALL 9 modules need to be on the same subnet. I thought about adding a CMM, but how?

Do I leave one port un-powered and connect that port to the next CMM?

I really wish the CMM had more ports :x

Just an idea: make a Y cable for the last port.As i know, GPS communtions is one way - unit is only receiving, so it should work. (you have to use PoE, or extra power and swith port in the CMM box)

If you’re using Canopy 45Mbps backhauls, you can put them on any old switch and uplink that into your CMM. (the 45’s don’t require timing, and they have their own power supplies).

If you’re using Canopy 20Mbps backhauls, you can put in another CMM and slave it off the timing port, thusly saving money on the GPS receiver. You’ll still need to do an ethernet uplink between the two CMM’s, and make sure it is on unpowered ports.