CMM Questions regarding installation location

I have a bunch of older Moto Canopy 900Mhz Radio's and used the original CMM module to manage them.  I'm now reading through the 450 Platform Planning Guide and see that CMM4 and CMM5 seem to be the current units.  In my current configuration I have the old CMM's installed near the top of my towers but my question is is that still currently the "best practice" or is it better to install these in a building at the base of the tower.  I didn't see any reference to CMM5's supporting being placed in an outdoor enclosure.  At this point I'm just trying to determine how I will handle CMM's when I upgrade to the 450 equipment.  Looking for some suggestions.  Thanks!

We install all of our power/timing units in the cabinet/rack in the bunker at the base of the tower. Furthermore, we really like the newer PacketFlux gigabit rackinjector units as they can provide sync and power to PMP450/450i/450m/100 and ePMP all in one unit.

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