CMM2 VS CMMMicro Opinion

We are having a debate in a new system design. We have a few engineers in favor of using a CMM2 and some in favor of CMM Micro. I am just wondering what are the benifits/disadvantages of using either?

Managed switch with Web Interface
Supports VLAN per port
Provides GPS staus
Allows power cycling of the POE to each radio
Provides MIB info so it can be monitored

Dumb switch with POE


Being fairly new to Canopy,I bought Packetflux gear which apart from connecting a PC has no monitoring tools,is this likely to be a problem in the future,if I can afford it should I be buying CMM Micros or is it not going to be that much of an issue ?

Without more info about your deployment, growth expectations, budget, etc I can’t really say. Syncpipes are certainly economical…