CMM3 - Multiple VLAN Segments

Gang real quick. I have 3 radios coming into a CMM3. CMM3 right now has a single link into Cisco switch. I need to separate each radio into a separate vlan. I understand from my reading that I cannot do any real vlan type of port configuration on the CMM. So I cannot effectivly create an access-port on vlan 10 …etc

My mind tells me I should run 3 cables from my Cisco and then segment off of port to respective radios so they can only talk to the one switch port on the Cisco. Then each port on the Cisco is setup as an access port to feed the respective vlan.

Does the CMM port isolation isolate ALL traffic allowing for this type of configuration.

Any other suggestions on how to complete this?


The CMM3 (CMM Micro) is capable of Port VLANs and 802.1q management with 802.1q passthrough. Your access port on the Cisco will work fine, and you can isolate ports within the CMM3. Firmware 3.1 has a nice GUI for doing this. If you wanted to you could actually run all 3 APs on different VLANs: 802.1q trunk out of the Cisco, segregate the CMM3’s ports with Port-VLANs, then on the APs set your VLAN IDs appropriately and disable learning mode.