I heard on a PMP 450i 900 MHZ webminar where states that UGPS will provide sync for one or two AP's. I wonder if you have the CMM4 and UGPS and furnish power/sync to AP. but you want to use on that the aux power and sync. Also, I  read on the 14.2 release on 

Universal GPS (uGPS)
The uGPS provides synchronization for one or two modules so that even remote areas at the edge of the network can operate with synchronization for improved performance. The uGPS works with all Cambium PMP radios.

Does that means that I can pass on sync from CMM4 to a CMM3 using a UGPS? I know that one can  be master and the other slave mode and with the  RJ11 pass sync from one to the other 


You can use the CMM4 for power on the LAN port of the radio and use UGPS to provide Sync on the AUX port of the radio.

You can also connect the UGPS to provide Sync to CMM3 or CMM4 but I would like to check if there is any difference in the timing between UGPS and the CMM SYNC which might cause any issues. I would like to cross verify on this.

Also To do a Daisy Chain between the CMM4 and the CMM3 you can just use a cable connect between the CMM4 timing port. For this you need special cable to connect as below.


We have replicted this in our lab and if you want to use the UGPS as Sync source for CMM then please use the cable as per the picture mentioned in my previous comment, connect between UGPS timing port and CMM timing port.

You can connect both the UGPS timing port to CMM4 and CMM3 at the same time so that we can provide sync for both the devices.

If you want to daisy chain from CMM4 to CMM3 then we need to use GPS receiver connecting to CMM4 GPS port (Coaxial cable) and then connect the special RJ11 cable between CMM4 Timing port to CMM3 timing port.

I hope this should help in answering your query.


Sanjay Kumar.

Hi, I have a question about de port of te UGPS

Your are speaking about conect UGPS to CMM4 with RJ11 but in the UGPS i have RJ45.

Can you help me with this please ?