CMM4 / ePMP ethernet port problem

We have experianced a number of ethernet port failures with the ePMP 1000 Sync.  We use ONLY CMM4.  I am wondering if anyone else is using the CMM4... I'm starting to wonder if the CMM4 is causing a port burnout issue.  We had to power cycle a site today, 2 ePMP radios did not power back up after.

I also use a rackmount CMM4 (without switch model). I had trouble with low voltage to my radios and had to upgrade my DC/DC converter to output 30V instead of 24V. In the low voltage scenario, some of my radios would not power on at all. I measured 0.5 volt drop over 232' cable. I also use surge suppressors between the tower cable run and the patch into the CMM4. Are you  also using surge suppressors, maybe temporarily bypass them to rule them out?

That is a great suggestion.  We did try bypassing the surges...but no resolve.  I will have my crew check the voltage and crank it up to 30...we use din rail supplies which are adjustable.



Can you please provide more details as to what type of power supply you are using (24 Valley or 30V).
Have you tried defaulting the APs via power cycling method?
Have you tried plugging these APs to other CMM4 ports.
Lastly, can you bypass the CMM4 entirely and power them via the 30V PoE supply that’s included with the AP.

Here is the specification on the ps we use

Yes, we have tried other ports on the CMM4

The AP is unresponsive to any power method.  We did however have one AP that was responsive with an external supply.  The CMM will not power.  We will have to try the voltage increase on the PS.

Well, if you have tried to power this AP with other power sources including 30VDC then this unit is most likely unrecoverable. Is there a way you can see if the power LED is coming on?

We are working with CMM4 and epmp without any Problems, it is working great.

buenos dias a todos del foro amigos una pregunta dispen esque sou nuevo en esto  mi pregunta es QUE ES CMM4 

CMM son las siglas para el Cluster Management Module de Cambium Networks. Es una unidad capaz de proveer connectividad, potencia (PoE) y sincronizacion (GPS sync) simultaneamente a un grupo de APs en una misma torre. CMM4 es la mas reciente version de este modulo. Adjunto un poco mas de informacion.

Cluster Management Module (CMM4)

The Cambium Networks Cluster Management Module 4 allows network operators to reduce the time and labor cost of system installation and maintenance in PMP clusters. The CMM4 integrates reliable GPS network synchronization along with power and data through a single cable to each radio. Designed to deliver consistent and reliable wireless broadband service, the system gracefully scales to support large deployments.

Available in three flavors, there is a model that will meet the needs of any network operator: An outdoor cabinet with integrated full-featured switch (1090CKBA), the same cabinet without the switch (1091AA), or a rack mount version (1092AA).

Cambium Networks provides exceptional wireless broadband connectivity solutions. With more than 3 million modules deployed in thousands of networks around the world, Cambium solutions are proven to provide cost effective, reliable data, voice and video connectivity.