CMM4 Power in Watts

Hello All,

What is the power in watts of the CMM 4?

We will need to know if the CMM4 is being used to provide PoE to any attached devices (which it probably is). The power consumption changes a lot if it is doing so. If so, please tell us what it is or at least the power requirements of said attached devices. While the User’s Guide for the CMM (found here: does mention a few things about volts, amps, and watts, it doesn’t give enough information to figure out what your entire system will consume.

If your CMM4 is connected into either a 30VDC or 56VDC power supply, you could always just look at the label on it and take the voltage and multiply it by the amps listed and that will tell you the maximum wattage that the power supply will be able to deliver to the CMM. If your configuration requires that you supply both 30VDC and 56VDC to your CMM4, then I really don’t know.

However, it might just be easier to plug your power supply(ies) into a device such as a Kill-A-Watt ( and have it just tell you what it really consumes.

Thanks Ben,

AM going to use 3 3.5AP canopies on the CMM.And the Power requirement for each of them is 56V