Is the CMM4 compatible with PMP 100 gear?

Yes it is… if using the CMM4 for the PMP100, just purchase the 30V power supply with the unit. If using the CMM4 with the PMP430 or PMP320 you will have to purchase the 56V power supply. While using the 56V power supply, the CMM4 will support both the PMP430/320 and the 30V Power Supply will support the PMP100, but you will have to set the Device Type on the CMM4 so it gets the correct power.

I had previously come across this little gem in the “CMM4UserGuideIss2a”


The controller board does not convert 30 VDC to 56 VDC or 56 VDC to 30 VDC. To power 56 VDC equipment from a CMM4 you must provide a 56 VDC power supply, and to power 30 VDC equipment from a CMM4 you must provide a 30 VDC power supply.

If you are using a CMM4 to power both 30 VDC and 56 VDC systems, then you must install both 30 VDC and 56 VDC power supplies along with the CMM4. These power supplies must be wired to the correct terminal blocks (marked 29 VDC and 56 VDC).