CMM5: Factory reset procedure


This article demonstrates how to factory reset the CMM5 controller, running on software version 1.4


Unfortunately, there is no option/tab in web interface of CMM5 controller to reset the configuration to factory default settings currently. There is no scope to add the factory default option in the future releases at the moment; however, there is another way to reset the current configuration on the CMM5 controller to default. 


To reset the current configuration to factory default:

  • We can upgrade the CMM5 controller to the same software load 1.4, by navigating to UI>>System>>Backup/Flash firmware.
  • A pop-up box will appear, here we uncheck the “Keep settings” box and flash the firmware by clicking on flash image.

Below is the step by step procedure with GUI interfaces:


Navigate to UI>>System>> Backup/Flash firmware as shown below:


Link to download the software version (CMM5 Controller v1.4.img) for the CMM5 controller.

  • Cambium Networks recommends the existing users to upgrade the controller to Firmware Version 1.4.
  • The Power Injector must be running at firmware version 00.13 or higher in order to be compatible with version 1.4 on the CMM5 Controller, as 00.14 or higher is for the 29V injector. Some features on version 1.4 require the Power Injector to be upgraded to version 00.21
  • If the firmware was supplied in the form of a zip archive, extract the file before attempting to load it.


Click on “choose file” and select the required software file from the folder on your PC/Laptop.


Once you have selected an image, the file name will be shown next to the Choose File button. Once the software file is loaded on the device and ready to be flashed, please ensure to uncheck the “Keep settings” box and flash the firmware by clicking on flash image. The upgrade will take approximately 30 seconds.

Once the upgrade is complete, the CMM5 controller will reboot automatically and the configurations will be set to default.

*It is recommended to perform the above process when you have local access to the device as the device will fall back to default IP

Additional information:

Below is the CMM5 power cycle method:

A. Turn off the injector connected to the controller.
B. Turn off the controller
C. Turn on the Injector
D. Then turn on the controller and try pinging the IP (ensure your PC is on the same subnet 169.254.x.x / 24).

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