CMM5 GPS dropping out in 2024


We are noticing across multiple geographically separated sites that our CMM’s are dropping GPS constantly causing.

Is this a Y2K thing?



Please check out this post Leap Year impact on GPS sync using uGPS, cnPulse and ePMP1000/2000/3000 Access Points

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Yes looks like this is the case. So every 4 years all CMM5 will cause sync issues across all sites… Is there a fix in place for this? We are running the latest firmware.

Yhis has to do with the Glonass receivers and how they handle the date rollover, so far no firmware fix has been made available by the receiver manufacturers hence why cambium hasnt given one to us.

The only thing that you could do at this time if to visit each site and power cycle the equipment that is having sync issues. Sorry but we now have 4 more years to see if there is a fix or replacement that doesnt have this issue!