CMM5 issues?

Hello all-

We have a site with 4- 450M’s connected to our CMM5 with the CMM5 running 1.4 version and .21 code on the chassis. We are seeing the AP’s lose connection to the CMM5 all at the same time and come back up intermittently. We’ve just swapped the Power injector side of the CMM5 to see if it was a faulty unit and the issue still persists. We’ve ruled out a power issue as our network switch feeding the CMM5 and the CMM5 itself never lose power. The AP’s are completely going down and back up. Unfortunately there are no logs in the CMM5 GUI when you login. I see that I can ssh to the unit, but do not know where the log file would reside or how to access it.

Has anyone ran into a similar issue like this?


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