CMM5 losing sync

Good Morning,

The setup - the tower has 4 PMP450m APs , CMM5, uGPS and a CMM5 controller (controller not working)

The issue - all the PMP450m APs are losing sync, sync is provided over power port.  The issue occurs on all four APs at the same time so I am assuming it is due to the CMM5 or the uGPS.

- Has anyone had this issue?  or can point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

Hi Casey! Sorry for the delayed reply. It could be that the UGPS is loosing signal. I'll look into it and get back to you.

On another note, if your CMM5 controller isn't working, I can help you remedy that problem as well.

Hi again Casey. I wanted to relay some suggestions from our engineers.

  1. Check the cable connections to rule out a loose connection between the UGPS and the CMM5 Injector.
  2. Ensure that your UGPS is installed with the cable glands parallel to the ground.
  3. Make sure that your firmware is the latest version.
  4. Send us pictures of your installation so that we can further diagnose the cause of your sync loss.

Looking forward to hearing from you.