CMM5 Mounting Bracket Screws

A significant number of CMM5 Power and Sync Injector modules and Controller modules have shipped supplied with the wrong screws for the mounting brackets. The screws included were of the countersunk type, when in fact they should be both countersunk and undercut. The undercut is needed to ensure a tight fit of the mounting brackets against the module’s chassis. The tolerances are such that the countersunk screws sometimes work sufficiently well, but we are aware of cases where the brackets may not be firmly attached even when the screws are fully tightened. The difference between the two screw types is illustrated in the photograph below:

This production issue has been corrected and going forward all CMM5 units will ship with the correct screws. Cambium Networks will provide replacement undercut screws for anyone who needs them. Please contact support with the quantity required and shipping information in order to obtain replacements. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.