CMM5 Replacement Option

With the CMM5 discontinued and nearing it end of support, Will there be a CMM6 or similar solution offered? Or will we need to look to a 3rd party for a solution.

If we need to look into a 3rd party, what are you folks using?

The cnMatrix TX 2K series serves as the replacements officially, so I doubt we’ll see a CMM6 any time soon.

As someone else mentioned you’ll need a cnMatrix TX2k style of switch.

They can use regular GPS antennas as well as cnPulse.

We use Packetflux instead of CMMs.

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I totally forgot about packet flux. I’ll look into those.

Good to know, I’ll have to look into the cnMatrix switches

There’s also 9dot Product Families - 9dot

Another one I forgot about. I’ll take a look at those too. We’re a little ways away from needing to replace our cmm5’s, but I am doing the research now to be prepared.

PacketFlux’s RackInjector line does have one glaring flaw (some settings require jumpers to be set on a board, and they aren’t accessible without getting in through the top cover), but otherwise it’s super-flexible, and can replace a CMM4 or CMM5 and also do a lot of other functions. It is a great bargain.