CMM5 Shutdown Confirmation

For the life of me, I dont understand why the "Reboot" feature is nested within the "System" tab, and you have to actually confirm that you want to reboot the CMM5 controller.

Not that its a bad Idea to confirm a reboot, however, The big red "System Shutdown" is on the main bar, and if breathed on, will shut down the CMM5 controller.  This then calls for a trip to the site to power cycle the device.

Again, just not sure why it was implemented to "Confirm" a reboot, but blindly shutdown on a single press without confirmation.  As luck would have it, Cambium Engineers just blindly shut mine down while poking around in the CMM5 looking to see about an unrelated issue.

This kind of usability feedback is great.  Thanks for this... I have sent this to our development folks and will try to get an improvement into the next software update for this product.

To add to this I think it would be greatly beneficial to have a confirmation for the System Shutdown tab. One accidental click and we’ve got to send a technician to the top of a mountain in the middle of winter. A kill switch should ALWAYS include a confirmation for this reason.

Thanks for your time and consideration.