12 + 24 port versions.

FSK, ePMP, 450, 450i + 450m compatible.

DC input.

midspan or rack mount.

SFP ports

Pretty please like tomorrow?  :-)

It would be great to have E1 connections as well and pass it over IP. Maybe eight E1 ports

Ok that e1 recommendation would drastically increase cost, and honestly if E1's are needed i'd seriously say just get a box that has that and plug it in, that's sorta cambium getting into an entire nother market. I only realized how bad an idea it is when i realized how i really dont like the cmm4 outdoor switches, after switching to indoor rackmounts + my own switches :) 

I'd really really love to see them add a 48v to 24v downconvertor so we only have to hook up 1 power source  and provide power for both the old canopy and the new canopy.