cmMaestro Cloud Outage?

Is anyone else having problems logging into at the moment?

I get the login screen, and can log in correctly to the main screen. eg get to this page:

However, when I try to access any tenant in my account, I get the following error:


I've tried a couple of browsers and tried a couple of different computers even. And I retried both machines over several hours with no joy.

Anyone else seeing similar problems? I checked with a friend who is in the beta program, and he could access his area just fine.


I’m able to login fine (non-beta).

My cnMaestro instance is hosted in the Europe.

Thanks for the help. Useful to know it isn't universal outage.  Do you happen to know if there is an easy way to tell where mine is hosted? (without being able to access the tenants)


Can you please send your cambium id to

I can't login too. My id is LAUTAN

hi, please check now and unicast to incase if you have any issues.


Thanks for your help fixing this issue. My accounts are all working again. Can you explain what happened to cause the outage please? It is a little concerning that I couldn't use the cloud to manage the 3 different accounts with all their access points during outage.


Is CnMaestro Cloud is down today (3rd Jan,2023)?

I am able to log in without any issues today Jan. 3, 2023

The Cloud Status page can be used to check if any services are down. All currently show as Operational.

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